Q & A

I live about an hour away, will you deliver to me?
We offer a local delivery service for a nominal fee. However, out of area deliveries are possible by negotiation. Remember, we offer a 10% discount for collection.
I have a really awkward staircase. Will your furniture fit?
Our furniture isn't flat pack, but if you let us know at point of sale, we can build our wardrobes dry framed in order that they will break down for delivery. We can also adapt the way our larger pieces, for example, chests, are built in order to accommodate the problem. Nothing is impossible!
I would like to match the colour to some existing furniture. Is this possible?
Yes. We can match most colours & finishes free of charge, as we have an in house finishing shop. However, some paint finishes will incur an extra cost, usually to cover the paint mix only
If I move house, will you come and move my wardrobe for me?
If you are fairly local to us, we certainly can. We can give you a quote over the telephone.
My pine furniture is starting to look tired and has taken a few knocks over the years. Can you refurbish it for me?
We refurbish furniture all of the time. It gives it a new lease of life, and changing from a wax to a painted finish creates a whole new look, and at a fraction of the cost to replace it. If you are fairly local we can price it to include collection and re delivery. Remember, not all surfaces are suitable for a refinish.
Should I always protect my pine dining table from heat & water?
We recommend that you do not place any hot items directly onto the table surface and that spillages are removed as quickly as possible. However, accidents will happen and we can usually help put these right, although there may be a small charge.
I have an unusually shaped bedroom with dormas. Can you help with storage?
Definitely, it just means that we would need to visit and measure for you. We can often redesign our wardrobes or chests to fit perfectly. If you're not too far away, and like our initial rough quotation, we can book in a visit to confirm everything.
Do you fit mirrors inside your wardrobes?
We can fit them inside doors, or in place of center panels, on the outside. Again, we usually charge the cost of the mirror glass at the time.
On my delivery date, are you able to give me a time for the delivery, as I may need to go out?
It is impossible to give an exact time, as you never know how the rest of the deliveries are going to go, or what the roads are going to be like. However, it is sometimes possible, depending on where you live, to request a first delivery of the day, or a last drop. Another way around this problem is for you to leave a mobile telephone number. We would then be able to phone you approximately an hour before the expected delivery.
Do you fit doors in alcoves to make them into cupboards?
We can supply the doors & frames, but you would need to have your own carpenter to fit and hang them. We usually do the finishing once this initial fit has been carried out. That way you get a perfect finish.
Your wardrobes are too tall and the cornice is too large. Can you alter these?
We can manufacture to an overall height supplied by yourself. We can also change to a smaller cornice, or even fit a plain chest top if you prefer. Just ask!